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Our design or yours, custom accessories to match your table.

Cue Racks, triangles, furniture and more. There's as much freedom and personality in the extras as there is in our tables.

Left: Natural Log Cue Rack holds ten cues and balls. Antlers, if available, can be added at a small additional cost. Right: 8 Cue Rack with antler accessory.

Left: Eight Cue Rack made with large split logs. Right: 8 Cue Rack with chalkboard.

Our cue racks are ready-made or made to order, choose 6, 8, 10 or 12 cue rack.

  • Natural pole or flat wood
  • Ball holder or natural
  • Blackboard, cork board, mirror, or even pool table felt (to match your table) can be used for backing.

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