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Dan Dean

Danny Dean is the designer and Builder of our custom log pool tables.

Dan has been in the billiard business for over 25 years and during that time he has moved, recovered, or restored almost every type of table on the market. When you have to break down and set up that many tables, you really know what works well and what does not in the manufacturing of pool tables.

Dan and Jody Dean opened Front Range Pool Table Company several years ago in Fort Collins , Colorado . While selling other manufacturers' tables which met their scrutiny, Dan started his dream of building log pool tables. Using the best attributes of the best made tables along with the beauty of our hand picked logs you will not find a better playing pocket billiard or snooker table available to the public today.

Superior craftsmanship and affordability is what we were striving for. Please contact us with any questions.


Phone: 970.419.0816


103 West Main Street
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Pierce, Colorado 80650-0192



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